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Transforming Top Local Contractors into National Brand Successes One Home Service Industry at a Time.

At HorsePower Brands, we empower entrepreneurs to achieve their goals by simplifying business ownership. Our brands are built on the foundation of successful home service companies.

Our Approach to Achieving Success

Empowering Contractors


Starting a business is hard. Our solution to simplify business ownership is our in-house group of shared franchisee services. ZeeServices are there to support your franchise through the most common business ownership challenges. • Marketing • Human Resources • Employee Benefits • Call Center Integrations • Technology Support • Vehicle Acquisition • National Contracts

Data-Driven DNA

Data is our strategic asset. Data is in our DNA. We collect data at all points of the customer journey. This data is used to populate dashboards for our franchisee partners and drive our strategic decisions.

HOWIE Connection

Homeowners demand trustworthy home service businesses. Our level of service and transparency through the sales, scheduling, and installation process builds that trust. Our cohesive family of trustworthy brands positions our franchisees to dominate the home services industry.




Zee Services

Having a

Core Values

We seek individuals who embody our Core Values.
These values are integral to our team and franchisees, ensuring our collective success.

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