About Us

HorsePower Brands is a portfolio company in the home services franchising space. Our mission is simple: to provide consumers with service brands that prioritize care and integrity, aligning with their vision for home improvement. Through a dedicated focus on quality products and expert service providers, we aim to cater to every aspect of the home. Our approach centers on fostering a family of brands, each committed to excellence and community engagement.

Through franchising, we empower local entrepreneurs to build lasting legacies, enriching both their lives and the neighborhoods they serve. At HorsePower Brands, we help grow and support local entrepreneurs by simplifying business ownership through a few key core strengths:
  • Infrastructure to solve business problems.
  • Data is our strategic asset.
  • Grow faster with a family of brands.

Core Values

HorsePower Brand’s core values are Intellectual Capital, Purpose, Execution, Winning Energy and Have a Backbone. We look for employees, franchisees, suppliers and all stakeholders to share in these values with us! Success hinges on our collective commitment to these values. Join us in our journey to simplify business ownership and empower entrepreneurship.


You don’t build a business; you build people and then people build the business ​


Know what you want when you want it and how to get it ​


Our success is 1% the vision and 99% our ability to execute​


Set goals.​ Win.​ Celebrate.​ Repeat.


Disagree and commit. Once a decision is reached, commit wholly​

Our core values, our DNA, define identity, propel purpose, and chart the path towards success and meaningful impact. Mike Stillmock, HorsePower Brands CFO

Traction & EOS® Company

Many small businesses fail because they get stuck in problems stemming from: not having proper goals in place, not tracking progress towards goals week to week, having the wrong people in the wrong seat, and having the same problems constantly repeat themselves. At HorsePower Brands, we subscribe to the "Entrepreneurial Operating System" (EOS®) philosophy, as popularized in the book Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business. EOS® isn’t a computer operating system. It’s a people operating system that harnesses human energy through a simple set of tools and principles. With this, we're able to solve issues before they become problems, get the right people in the right seats, make meetings so productive that you actually look forward to them, and build a culture of accountability.

Every new franchise owner is trained on this model and given the 5 Foundational Tools of EOS® to help get strong in the six key component of their business - Vision, People, Data, Process, Issues, and Traction - to start your business with a foundation of simplicity, focus, clarity, and team health from day one.

Simplifying Business Ownership

HorsePower Brands is committed to

HorsePower Brands is focused on empowering entrepreneurs to achieve their why through franchise ownership in the home service industries. The company is committed to simplifying business ownership.

We believe the following three elements makes HorsePower unique:

Zee Services

HorsePower Brands has built a customized platform designed to offer solutions to common business problems. We call it ZeeServices and the platform offers solutions for marketing, communication with the customer, recruiting employees, benefits for owners and their employees, technology, business intelligence, fleet procurement, funding strategies, bookkeeping and strategic partnerships.

Strategic Asset

Data remains a strategic asset for HorsePower Brands and the future of the home service industry. The initiatives, both short term and long term, demand a commitment from franchisees and the entire system to share data through out the customer journey. Being able to leverage the information accumulated about each home with measurements, pictures, warranties and many more aspects, will provide the franchisees of HorsePower Brands a unique advantage among its competition.

HOWIE Connection

The family of brands presents an opportunity for the franchisee to consider ownership of many brands in their local community. The brand that brings it all together is Howie. Howie officially launches in 2024 and will be the catalyst for certain markets to cross market across multiple brands. The advantages of Howie include homeowner confidence and trust, cross promotion and marketing and innovation in a frictionless customer journey.

Our History

Success is not built overnight. It takes months and years of grit, perseverance and passion.

Jan 2021

HorsePower launches first brand, Mighty Dog Roofing

Jul 2021

Blingle! Premier Lighting launches

Feb 2022

iFOAM launches

May 2022

Heroes Lawn Care launches

Jun 2022

Gatsby Glass launches

Sep 2022

Groovy Hues launches

Dec 2022

Bumble Bee Blinds launches

Jan 2023

Stand Strong Fencing launches

Q3 2024

Varsity Zone HVAC coming soon!!

We never think in the moment or what’s required to get through today. We take a proactive approach toward growth and success as opposed to a reactive approach. So, we are always thinking and planning today for where we will need to be 6-12 months from now and adding resources to ensure our brands are very successful.” – Josh Skolnick